Tom Plute

Stand-up Comedian

Tom Plute is…

SONY DSCTom Plute is a comedian out of Columbus, OH.  Part time funny man, full time ne’er-do-well. One time in 1996  he won a trophy for funniest kid on his little league team. It’s the only award he’s ever won.

Tom has been a finalist in multiple comedy contests getting so close to obtaining that elusive second award. He was featured in the Cleveland Comedy Festival, Arch City Comedy Festival and can be seen regularly at Midwest FunnyBone’s, Wiley’s Comedy Joint, and Go Bananas. He has opened for acts such as Geoff Tate, Ryan Singer, Beth Stelling, Tim Meadows, Matt Braunger, and has made an appearance on the top rated podcast “Doug Loves Movies” with Doug Benson.

He is also the host of the Whiskey Deep live podcast, Co-producer of the Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival, and runs the Comedy Death Spot on Thursdays in Columbus.